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ACT Program Assistant


Summary of Position Function

Performs complex administrative tasks and provides support to the specialists while delivering support to the individuals we serve.

COMPENSATION: $16/hr – $18/hr

Education Requirements

  • High School Diploma


  • Dependent upon education level, at least one year experience working in a behavioral health setting

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Major Duties & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for organizing, coordinating, and monitoring all non-clinical operations of ACT team.
  • Provides receptionist activities, triage calls, coordinate communications between team and clients
  • At times may lessen situations with clients who have increased symptoms both by phone and in waiting room
  • Monitor and maintain clinical charts/ due dates for each staff caseload (IAP, AOT reports, CBHA, Initial Specialist Assessments)
  • Responsible for any necessary opening, filing or thinning or terming of charts
  • Morning meeting Mon-Fri 9-10 a.m.
  • Manage and update all weekly and monthly calendar and client visit white boards as well as track monthly visit totals per client.  Add any information to the meeting as necessary
  • Provide any case management or other support to clients and team members as needed
  • Manage and track monetary funds: (i.e. tokens, services dollars, petty cash)
  • Manage and respond to all incoming/ outgoing postal and interoffice mail
  • Monthly billing which includes running each client’s Medicaid, run monthly visit report and reports any Medicaid or insurance changes to the electronic chart as well as by fax
  • Maintain CAIRS (NYS database) for all intakes, discharges and six month follow up reports (which may include gathering clinical data from other team members)
  • Check County SPOA database (MIS) daily for new referrals
  • Utilize SPOA database for housing referrals
  • Prepare new intakes: print referral from MIS, verify Medicaid and put together new charts for intake
  • Update demographics and roster as needed
  • Maintain contacts with hospitals/jails and updates hospital tracking log
  • Compiles quarterly data for program outcomes to Julie Notaro
  • Manage safety line mid and end of day for ACT Team
  • Covers phones and windows for mental health clinic as needed and for scheduled coverage
  • Signs for medication delivery
  • Open and close office (unlock doors/ cabinets/ check voice mail)
  • Inventory ordering
  • Auditing ACT schedules for NS /CA appointments
  • Assist in preparation of NP/Dr. appointments
  • Organize and send requests for treatment records for clients
  • Verify insurance entitlements for scheduled appointments
  • Send no show letters as per policy and document in client’s chart
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Set up Transportation for clients as needed


  • Knowledge of Excel and basic Microsoft office Products
  • Familiarity with data submission and interpretation

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