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Individual Placement & Support Employment Specialist


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Summary of Position Function

IPS Employment Specialists play an important role in rehabilitation programs, contributing significant value to multidisciplinary team, while being responsible for working with prospective employers to develop employment opportunities for the individual, provide job coaching and benefits counseling to the individual.

COMPENSATION: $20.08/hr – $25.60/hr

Education Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED or TASC)
  • Initial & on-going training in vocational services
  • Initial & on-going training in benefits and financial management in relation to barriers to goals
  • Training and completion of all Center of Practice Innovation Individual Placement & Support training required by Office of Mental Health.


  • An ability to travel independently, or with reasonable accommodations, throughout the community and outreach with local employers.
  • Six (6) months of personal or professional experience in human services.
  • Experience in working with vocational needs of persons with disabilities

Must possess a valid Driver’s License with a satisfactory driving record, and possess a personal vehicle for job requirement

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Major Duties & Responsibilities

  • Knowledge and demonstration of agency core values in day-to-day activities
  • Explore individuals’ needs in taking steps to achieve Vocational Goals.
  • Spend at least 65% of their work hours off-site, in the community. Off-site, community locations include but are not limited to ACCES-VR offices, employment settings, libraries, schools and colleges, coffee shops, individuals’ homes, training sites, and time spent traveling to different community locations.
  • Activities may include, but are not limited to, direct service provision including collaborative documentation and job development activities, such as networking with community employers.
  • Provide rapid non-traditional employment opportunities to those individuals seeking such goals.
  • Provide resources for individuals regarding Work Incentive Benefits for those on SSDI/SI who pursue vocational goals.
  • Network within your service county with businesses and vocational programs to develop relationships for job placements.
  • Ability to utilize electronic data systems (i.e. electronic records and computers).
  • Frequent or occasional driving of personal vehicle for purpose of transporting clients in the community and/or site visits (client or work related)


  • Proficient in the use of computer software such as MSWord, Excel, EHR and NYESS.
  • Completing assessments and individualized service plans.
  • Knowledge of principles and techniques of vocational guidance and community resources
  • Experience working with benefits and financial management in relation to identified goal.
  • Knowledge of behavioral health diagnoses and understand barriers to employment that these health issues may present.
  • Creative abilities in working with clients to motivate and strategize for addressing barriers to employment or other goals.
  • Play an active role in service plan reviews and is a regular attendee on team meetings/case conferences to coordinate efforts with vocational staff of the ACT team to avoid duplication.

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