Cindy Voelker

Associate CEO

cindy voelker
cindy voelker

Cindy Voelker

Associate CEO

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How long have you been working at Spectrum?

I have been at Spectrum for 34 years. I began at Spectrum as a Senior Clinician at South Buffalo Counseling Center. I then began working on developing new programs and have been very fortunate to be here 34 years later.

What do you consider your greatest professional accomplishment?

I feel my greatest professional accomplishment is my ability to live out my passion and dedication for the individuals and families we serve by being a part of the leadership at Spectrum. Over the years there have been many opportunities that were challenging and on the forefront of our field. Many times there were not enough resources or support but Spectrum has always found a way to do the best and right thing for the individuals we serve and our employees. That to me is a great accomplishment.

What is your favorite part about working at Spectrum?

My passion and reason for working so long at Spectrum is the mission we have and the individuals, families and communities we have been able to work with and help achieve a better quality of life. Right next to that would be the employees that Spectrum has been so fortunate to have help us in delivery on that mission. Without the dedicated, committed individuals who choose this profession and then choose Spectrum we could not do what we do every day. Over the 34 years this is one consistent thing that I can truly say has not changed.

Where is your favorite place to go in Buffalo?

I enjoy going out into the country and we enjoy Ellicottville, NY. It is a good place to be able to enjoy all four seasons while living in Buffalo.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I will admit work is a big part of my life, I am very passionate about it. I feel a high sense of responsibility for the privilege I have in my leadership position at Spectrum. That being said, I do enjoy spending time with friends and family, being outdoors in nature and taking time away from the everyday pressures. My son is 25 and we are fortunate he is still in Buffalo so I enjoy spending time with him and seeing his life as an adult unfold. My husband and I love being outside, we are hikers and enjoy “birding”

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