bruce nisbet

A Message from Bruce Nisbet President/CEO

If you are visiting this website you are likely to be considering whether Spectrum is the right place for you, a family member or friend to seek out help for troubles that are having a major impact on your life or theirs.

Given the values, professionalism, skills, experience and caring that are the essential ingredients necessary to become and remain a Spectrum professional, my answer to you is that you have come to the right Agency.

Spectrum has  earned  a long standing reputation  in the community for excellence. We take our work very seriously and seek out the best science that supports achieving the best outcomes that address each person’s unique needs and goals.

We believe the client’s goals and their own assessment of what is working for them is the most important voice in shaping the work we do together to achieve those goals. We call this Client Directed Outcome Informed Services.  As a result, we consistently receive outstanding satisfaction ratings from our clients with the service provided and results they achieve.

The standard of our services I often cite for our staff is as follows: if you have a cherished loved one who needs the kind of services we provide, would you, knowing our services from the inside out, recommend Spectrum as your first choice for help for that loved one?

My answer for my loved ones is yes! Knowing our staff and services as President/CEO, Spectrum honestly would be my first choice for them.

If this is the standard you are looking for, I invite you to come to Spectrum.

Do you or your loved ones need help? Take the first step.