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Urgent Care

Spectrum Health’s U-MHACC, Urgent Mental Health & Addiction Care Clinic, is the first of its kind in Erie County. We provide immediate mental health, addiction services to anyone in the community ages 18 and older; be it a self-referral, an alternative to going to the emergency room, a primary health care providers recommendation, or the concern of a family member or friend who feels the person is experiencing an urgent mental health and or addiction need. U-MHACC provides a safe place for individuals and families, along with many services such as crisis assessment, crisis intervention, and counseling to divert the need for an emergency room visit or hospital stay. We offer skills-based groups to assist with mood management, connection with a primary care doctor, including physicals and vaccines. U—MHACC is located in the lower level of 1280 Main Street, Buffalo.

Safe Place for Families and Individuals

Integrated Mental Health and Substance Use Crisis Assessment

Crisis Intervention and Counseling

Skill-based Groups

Psychiatric Medication Evaluation, Excluding Controlled Medication

Locations Offered


Locations Offered

What to Expect

Our Commitment

Kindness & Compassion
Our goal is to be able to offer a safe place for individuals and families to seek support. That starts by treating you with kindness and viewing your situation with compassion the moment you walk through our doors.
Acceptance & Confidentiality
We believe that every person is valued, and it takes a large step of courage to ask for help. We promise to honor that step by treating you with respect and keeping everything that is shared between us.
Support & Encouragement
We believe with the right tools and help that you can overcome anything. Whether it’s connecting you with further treatment or helping you to find peer support; we’ll be here with you, every step of the way.
Photo of a brunette woman that leads the Mental Health Urgent Care
We believe in you, and your ability to grow!

Trust the process. You're in a powerful place of transformation.

Christine Ziemba

Clinical Director of U-MHACC

Help is Here

Our Experience

Spectrum Health is proud to offer the first Mental Health Urgent Care facility of its kind in WNY.

U-MHACC (Urgent Mental Health Addiction Care Clinic) is an innovative service that we are proud to offer our WNY Community. Open to individuals 18 years and older, this one of its kind, Person-Centered Urgent Care for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders will give individuals and their families a safe environment and alternative to an Emergency Room visit when they are looking for mental health and/or addiction disorder assistance.

The center is open six days a week and offers an array of services by referral, telephone appointment, or walk-in.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes; licensed clinicians, RNs, PNPs, TCM, and clinical assistants. In addition, we have access to links with physical screens on-premise for individuals who may need to reconnect with a primary health care provider as part of the recovery process.

Our staff of mental health professionals will work to provide a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your individual goals.

We believe there is “no wrong door” and every time someone walks through the U-MHACC door, we will greet them where they are and assist them to where they could benefit from the best assistance to make recovery possible. Even though it may be a different level of care.

We work with you to overcome the challenges related to mental health.

Mental Health Crisis

Addiction Crisis

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