The “Whys”

As you may have heard, Grayson Murray, a golfer on the PGA Tour, died by apparent suicide over the Memorial Day Weekend.

In reading his backstory, it appears that Grayson was in recovery. Many times, we may hear people’s reaction to someone who has died as one of disbelief, heart break, sadness, possibly depression. A big question is “Why.” When it comes down to it, the “whys” may never be answered. The bigger question is how we can prevent suicide. Then, what can we do to help ourselves first and then others when a suicide occurs in our lives.

Words Matter

I recently heard that what we do after an event is key in prevention. To that end, here are some resources to help with Suicide Prevention so that we can reduce suicide. #seizetheawkward #RealConvoguides #TalkAwayTheDark

Self-care is mental health care

Check on family and friends. Find or remain connected to family and community support(s). Speak with someone with your Cultural and/or Spiritual beliefs. Remember that the is no single cause for suicide. And know, there is hope.

If you or someone you love is in crisis, call 988 for immediate help.

Christine Marie Ziemba
Director of Special Projects