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HELP Centers Add Opportunities to Rural Communities

Serving rural communities of WNY is a point of pride for Spectrum Health.  Our first location was in Springville and our counseling center there is a vital part of the community. Our Wyoming County Counseling Center in Warsaw is also significant to that community, as well.

Behavioral health services in rural communities can have unique challenges. There are fewer providers and the stigma against seeking services is more poignant in these lesser populated areas. Primary care providers may – out of necessity – end up providing as much as 60% of behavioral health services, according to the Rural Health Information Hub.  Accessibility may also be an issue along with limited transportation options. Spectrum Health is addressing these challenges in two ways: in Wyoming County, our Mobile Therapy Unit is on the road every Friday, bring services to two alternating sites in nearby Perry. By establishing regular hours at these sites – one at a primary medical care facility and another at an apartment complex – we’re bringing care to individuals who may struggle to seek specialty treatment.

When Spectrum Health had the opportunity to expand service to rural communities, we embraced it. With support from a $4 million grant from the federal government, we opened the HELP Center@Springville and the HELP Center@Warsaw. These two HELP Centers treat people with non life-threatening behavioral health and substance abuse disorder issues in a calm environment. Less crowded and more comforting that an emergency room situation, the HELP Centers are convenient places to find immediate help.

What will the HELP Center treat?

What an Urgent Care center is to a twisted ankle, the mental health staff at our HELP Centers can make assessment, answer questions about higher-level needs, and help you find appropriate treatment and resources.

Who Can Go There?

You don’t need to be a Spectrum Health client to be seen at a HELP Center: these places are meant to be walk-in centers without appointments, for anyone in need.

Individuals may be referred to a HELP Center for treatment or assessment by a school nurse, medical facility, or law enforcement…or you can just walk in if you feel the need.

Where and When?

The HELP Center@Springville (27 Franklin St., Suite 2) is open Monday-Thursday, 8:30am to 7pm and 8:30am to 4pm on Friday. The HELP Center@Warsaw is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 7:30pm.

Join This Team!

We are actively seeking to add to the clinical teams in each location. Check our website for open positions at More staff means we can extend our days and hours of service.

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