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Behavioral Health Resources

We believe that with right tools and help, you can overcome anything. Check out a few of these resources; members of our team share everything from helpful tips to why they’re passionate about what we do!


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EP13 | Brain Injury Awareness Month
March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. This special episode of Spectrum Health Journey looks at…

Mental Health

EP12 | The Solar Eclipse
It will be dark. It may be quiet, maybe even peaceful. And because Buffalo is in the path of…

Mental Health

EP11 | Importance of Peer Support
It takes a village to help someone recover: at Spectrum Health, our Peer Support Specialists…

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Spectrum Health & Human Services is an essential organization remaining available and committed to our clients and our community.

Additional Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous

Offers online support

Cocaine Anonymous

Offers online support and services


LifeRing Secular Recovery offers online support

In The Rooms – Online Recovery Meetings

Provides online support through live meetings and discussion groups

Marijuana Anonymous

Offers virtual support

Narcotics Anonymous

Offers a variety of online and Skype meeting options

Reddit Recovery

Provides online and virtual support

Refuge Recovery

Offers global community of mutual-support groups, forums including a chat room and message board


Offers an online support and recovery community


Offers an online platform to help anyone get sober and stay sober


Provides a women-only international online recovery community

Sober Recovery

Provides an online forum for those in recovery and their friends and family

We Connect Recovery

Provides daily online recovery groups for those with substance use and mental illness

Unity Recovery + WEconnect + Alano Club

Providing daily virtual meeting for those in recovery and for their family members

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Contains online support meetings, blogs, mobile apps, social media groups, and movie suggestions, including the online support community.

The Daily Pledge

Tips for Staying Connected and Safeguarding Your Addiction Recovery


Coping with COVID-19 and social isolation as a person in long-term recovery

The Mindfulness Clinic

How to respond to COVID-19 with mindful tools and tips


Use myStrength’s web and mobile tools to support your goals and well-being.

Sign up Today:
1. Visit myStrength
2. Complete the myStrength signup process and personal profile using access code SHHScommunity.
Go Mobile! Download the myStrength mobile app, log in, and get started today.


On demand help for stress, anxiety, and depression (free during COVID crisis)

Healthy Minds

 A mindfulness app

Stop, Breathe, Think 

A mindfulness and meditation app with activities, there is an adult and child version

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Help to cope with stress during COVID-19 outbreak

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

A tip sheet with information about social distancing, quarantine and isolation, and ways ways to care for your behavioral health during these experiences

World Health Organizations

How to cope with stress during COVID-19

Partners in Health

10 mental health tips for COVID-19

Psychology Today

The psychological effects of an outbreak

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

COVID-19 Lockdown Guide: How to Manage Anxiety and Isolation During Quarantine


How to stop a coronavirus anxiety spiral

The National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)

COVID-19 Guide: Information and resources about coronavirus

The Chopra Center

Anxious about the Coronavirus? Here are eight practical tips on how to stay calm and support your immune system


About quarantine and isolation


Gear and tips to get you through coronavirus


How long coronavirus will last on surfaces

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

A tip sheet with information about social distancing, quarantine and isolation, and ways ways to care for your behavioral health during these experiences


What is quarantine?

VeryWell Health

What is the protocol for quarantine?

Cone Health

Social Distancing FAQ: How it helps prevent COVID-19 and steps we can take to protect ourselves

John Hopkins Medicine

Coronavirus, Social and Physical Distancing and Self-Quarantine

Red Cross

How you can help by social distancing

What is Social Distancing—and How is it Different Than Self-Quarantine and Self-Isolation?


How to quarantine yourself

Very Well Fit

Workouts at home to tone and tighten


30 moves to make the most of your home workout


No Gym Required: How To Get Fit at Home

Good Housekeeping

30 minute at home workout

American Council on Fitness

Top 25 at home exercises

Men’s Health

The 15 best beginners exercises to do at home

How to workout safely in pandemic


How to work from home without loosing your mind

Thrive Global

The health benefits of working from home

Business Insider

How to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak

The Muse

7 essential tips for working from home during the coronavirus pandemic

The Verge

Productivity tips for working remotely

USA Today

100 things to do while stuck inside during pandemic

Psychology Today

8 things to do while in quarantine

Urban Matter

12 things to do indoors during your coronavirus self-quarantine

Happier Human

61 things to do at home when your bored

The Simple Dollar

15 useful things to do when you’re stuck at home