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Spectrum Health Internships

The right internship with authentic experience and solid supervision can jumpstart your career in behavioral health. As a Spectrum Health intern, you’ll have:

• hands-on training as you build your professional skills;
• supervision and mentoring; and
• a flexible schedule to balance your professional development, education, and life.

More Program Details

The program is fully compliant with the agency’s treatment and supervision standards and your academic program standards.
Spectrum Health offers internship placements from Associate’s degree to Master’s level students in:

• Alcohol and substance use counseling;
• Nursing;
* Social Work; and
• Mental health counseling.

Our internship program is designed to gradually increase your level of responsibility while promoting independent job skills to parallel the employment experience.

Starting here as an intern seven years ago, I never imagined all the opportunities I would have.
I have grown both personally and professionally, Spectrum Health was a great first step for me as I got the experience of working with individuals from all walks of life, I was provided with a positive and supportive environment that made me want to continue in the field.
Samantha Olrogg, MS, LMHC

Clinical Director
Family Court Program Supervisor

If you are interested in an internship, please submit the following information: