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Behavioral Health Continuing Education

Spectrum Education & Training Institute (SETI)

Advance your behavioral health career at Spectrum Education and Training Institute. Our New York State certified trainings and presentations were developed with you in mind, to help you earn credentials and skills required for licensure and continuing education.

Trainings are currently being held virtually. Each training focuses on applied knowledge, theory, and skill development, and is delivered by a team of skilled trainers with experience working in the field.

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More information will become available shortly. If you have any questions, please reach out to Jamie Davis.

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Mission Statement

The Spectrum Health Education and Training Institute was designed to provide exceptional education to all behavioral health professionals seeking high-quality research-based training in pursuit to diversify their clinical, operational, and professional knowledge and skills.

Continuing education at the SETI in Buffalo, NY has never been easier.

As an institute that was founded on principles of Trauma-Informed Care, Evidence-Based Practice, and Person-Centered Commitments, the following are promises we make to every consumer who participates in our programming: All training presentations, materials, and responses will be the most up-to-date research-based information available. All continuing education classes and programs were developed with behavioral health and social work professionals in mind. 

All training courses offered will be focused on application of knowledge, theory, and skill development to provide empowerment and confidence of the topic at hand for the students. Each instructor and staff member will provide only the highest level of customer service to ensure that each student has an unsurpassed experience learning with, and participating in, our training and CEU programs.

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Information on Upcoming Online Training Courses

Past Trainings

FAQ: SETI Training and Courses

Is continuing education worth the time, energy and cost? The short answer is yes. In today’s rapidly changing world, ongoing education has become essential to both career success and survival in virtually every field, especially social work, and behavioral and mental healthcare. The truth is, we’re always learning! Certificate Programs are a great way to show that you have put in the hours to develop yourself personally and professionally.

We believe that every healthcare professional should have access to continuing education. For that reason, all of the information for our continuing education courses has been made available online with programs held virtually via zoom. The hours for each course will differ, but you can be located in Buffalo, Rochester, New York, and beyond!

Our courses are typically 6-7 hours of work, spanned over the course of 1-2 days. As of right now, all programs are being held online. Continuing education after spending time working in the field can be time consuming, but we promise you will have all of the information that you need to succeed. All of our classes and programs were developed with social work and behavioral health professionals in mind.

All training presentations, materials, and responses are the most up-to-date research-based information available, taught to you by professionals in the healthcare field. When it comes to the students participating in our courses, we want you to be learning from the best of the best! Continuing education is something we take seriously, therefore, all of our courses were created with you and your future patients in mind.

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