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Spectrum Health is proud to be an Erie County provider agency.

Confidential. Free. Anonymous.

We’ve been through a lot. And it can take time. Be patient with yourself.

If you’re stressed, anxious, or just want to talk it out with someone, call us: our trained crisis counselors are available for you.


Monday through Friday, 8am to 7pm

Here to Talk. Here to Listen. Here to Support

Self-care isn’t Selfish, it’s Smart

  • Take care of your emotional health
  • Take care of your body
  • Unwind
  • Pace yourself
  • Connect with others
  • Set boundaries
  • Accept changes as part of life
  • Nurture a positive view of yourself
  • Keep things in perspective and avoid ‘catastrophizing’


Coping Tips for Stressful Times

  • Limit media exposure
  • Breath slowly and deeply
  • Practice mindfulness activities like meditation
  • Access social supports
  • Distract yourself


Spectrum Health’s NY Project Hope team is also working with youth to help them cope during these challenging times.

Our crisis counselors work with schools and after-school programs to guide kids through activities that start conversations and inspire positive outlooks and behaviors.

A program of the NYS Office of Mental Health, Funded by FEMA.