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Chief Information Officer | Security Officer

Mario Alonzo

With 20+ years in Information Technology with an errand of technical knowledge in security and project management space. Resourceful, strategic thinking with an exemplary record of providing cost-saving solutions coupled with business acumen. A professional team player with a pioneering technical proficiency reflecting leadership combined with “hands-on” experience. Educated at Texas A&M University and attend Purdue University Computer Science program. I joined the Spectrum Health family in 2018.



What is your favorite place to go/thing to do in Buffalo?
It is quite a challenge to identify just one place in this great community as a favorite place to go. The state parks combined with numerous events are always wonderful to enjoy. You can experience all four seasons right here in our community. My favorite place to go in Buffalo isn’t always within the city limits. I enjoy the community within and surrounding the Buffalo area. There is an abundance of unique and exciting things to do in WNY and every week it is a challenge not to find another great opportunity to spend time with my family either at a gathering or festival celebrating. Did I mention the food in the area is outstanding!
If calories didn't exist, what is something that you'd eat every day?
Italian cuisine and BBQ.
What is your favorite part of working at Spectrum Health?
Being able to work in the area I am raising my family and having a sense of pride that what I accomplished in my professional career truly affects the community and the clients we serve. As a member of the leadership team, the importance of my role to support our employees and the clients we serve is my favorite part about working with Spectrum Health. The best part is “everything we do is aimed to help and improve the lives of those we serve.” Spectrum Health believes in the community it serves and I am proud to be a member of this community as well as the Spectrum family.
What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishment began as a young adult stepping into a leadership role for the first time during my military career and serving others. By adopting the same philosophy carrying it over to my professional career, I have been able to serve with a “servant leadership-style” and strive to make a positive impact.