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The Many Sides of PRIDE

It was a wonderful day of PRIDE and Community. Team Spectrum Health marched as one in Buffalo’s annual PRIDE parade. We celebrated the beauty of diversity and unity.

My Story?

In preparation for the parade, I was asked to write a short blog post and share a story, either personal or not, about PRIDE. Historically team members would share touching posts of family experiences or progress throughout the years and I thought about it and said, my gayness is really no big deal. No drama, no great coming out story. I am happily married to my wife. Our excitement is camping with our dogs, watching true crime, tending the gardens, and feeding the birds, and spending as much time as we can with our granddaughter.

The Solution!

I honestly had a tough time coming up with a topic. I was speaking with a team member, Hailey, at work and she said, “why don’t we ask others what their definition of PRIDE is?” What a great idea! We posted blank pages on the vehicle and taped up a bag of markers as we waited hours for the parade to begin. Then we rallied and ran up and down the rows of participants and engaged with so many wonderful humans and asked them to share what PRIDE means to them. It was such a rewarding activity for me. The community and outpour of love and support from so many was just refreshing and inspiring.

The entire day felt like a huge HUG! I love our community and love our team! Thank you all for sharing and showing up!

What does PRIDE mean to us?

(from our Spectrum Health Team and the COMMUNITY around us)

Pride is progress -Nick ECDOH Being yourself -UB Dental

Not being afraid to show your true colors – Kai 7 Gates Being Free to live and love as you choose!

Being your true authentic self Love and Freedom <3

Being grateful to be alive and stay alive! ECDOH Parker Trans Rights and Community -Frank N. Furter (HA!)

Love, tolerance, acceptance inclusion and advocacy-KNA Loving yourselves as you/they truly are! <3

Being true to me – Amber 7 Gates Being treated with Respect.

Pride means being your true self <3 Celebrating universal love <3

Being your true authentic self

Always fighting and having the COURAGE to stay happy and GAY <3


Everyone gets a seat -xtxt It is never too late<3 Living in your truth.


Being true to yourself <3

To be unapologetically YOU! LOVE


Family support Love everyone! YOU BEING YOU!

Loving Freely <3 SAFE 2B SEEN <3

Tolerance, Compassion, and Acceptance <3 Abby ECDOH Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee (it’s everything)

My true self

#Work hard play hard Equal Rights for all � Love EVERYONE!



Love is love.

PRIDE is raising other people up to build community. Pride represents living your life in joy!

Pride to me is:

-walking without or in the face of danger

-an opportunity to teach and learn our history

-Queer Christmas! (or holiday of your choice)

-putting your partners photo up at work, freely


Pride is living as your true self! EQUALITY!


Standing up for community! Free Palestine! Loving you for you!

YOU are perfectly YOU!

Being one’s true self! Love Vanity Love is love with anybody!

Be you and know that you are loved!! Freedom is POWER!

Pride means community and a sense of belonging. <3 LOVE


Loving anyone I please <3

Treating everyone as equals and human Kissing girls (I’m a girl)

Being kissed by a girl (I’m a girl)

Loving myself in every shape and form <3 Your Power!

Being yourself! Being VALID!

Allows me to F*** around and find out <3 Each is ENOUGH!

I can be gay.

Knowing my friends and family are safe to be who they are! Using more than one pronoun! (I’m cool like that)

Being able to be who you are! Unconditional LOVE

Be YOU and Be PROUD!

Celebration of individuality Live and Let live.

You be you…ALWAYS!

PRIDE means I am FULLY PRESENT. <3 -Chris Eifler Unique and different

Being dads and showing our kids what love is

Loving who you are no matter what anyone else thinks/says! <3 COMMUNITY – Stretch out Buffalo.

love is love.

PRIDE is feeling like you belong. Not giving a F***

Being you! Freedom Freedom to be. Humanity


Equality <3

Love and Acceptance Community FREEDOM

You being you! Trust worthiness

Expressing your identity LOUD and PROUD Great LOVE


The human right to love and fulfillment. LOVE – Ava

Serving yourself and not others I get to love who I want <3

Deanne Rothenberg

Vice President for Compliance and Risk Management

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