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4 Ways to Use Mindfulness Daily

Being present in a moment sounds simple enough, but many people find it to be one of those things that’s easier said than done!

Studies show that people who practice mindfulness on a daily basis have decreased levels of depression and anxiety, and experience overall feelings of peace.

But what exactly is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is defined as “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment”.

After experiencing something like that, we can expect it to benefit our relationships and jobs too! If you think you’re ready to give it a try, we have a few ideas for you!

Turn your phone on “night mode”

Even if it’s just 1 hour, try taking some time to read a book, or talk to a loved one to unplug!

Take a walk

Instead of using headphones, try to listen to the sounds around you.

Talk to yourself

Say what you are doing aloud as you are doing it, making yourself aware of your actions.

Take things moment by moment

Do your best to quit multitasking. If you’re watching your favorite movie, watch and enjoy it. If you’re working, give it your best. You may just find that your productivity goes through the roof!

If you’re in the middle of planning for a big event, try setting aside 1-2 hours a day to plan, and plan only during that time. Nothing big on the horizon? Just try the steps above! When a big occasion does arrive, you’ll be so good at practicing mindfulness that you won’t have any problem enjoying the moment to its fullest. Making mindfulness a daily habit can really help to increase our contentment and overall mental well-being!

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