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College Student, Take the Next Step Toward a Meaningful Career

One of Spectrum Education and Training Institute’s (SETI)  educational programs, the Spectrum Health Internship Program, is open and hiring!

This internship program offers a multitude of opportunities for all students in behavioral health programs.  All two-year, four-year and master level students have opportunities waiting for them at Spectrum Health and Human Services! We offer student credit hours for nursing, social work, mental health counselors, Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASAC), vocation, case management and more! Clinic, in-office, remote, hybrid and community settings are available in almost all programs.

Our goal is to train students to be professionals and specialists in their given program so they are equipped for the field.  Students will receive on the job learning experiences, individualized supervision, the opportunity to visit other departments, and  continuing education through our training institute!

Looking for long term employment at an agency that provides flexibility and prioritizes its staff? Look no further!! Our Human Resources department will directly reach out to each intern to discuss employment opportunities that focus on their professional goals, skills and experiences. Our dedicated staff at SETI is waiting for your outreach! Please contact Jamie Davis at for information.

Riannon Martin, LMHC, Director of Education and Training and Jamie Davis, Learning Management System Administrator & Internship Coordinator

Spectrum Health interns gain the kind of experience that prepares them for important roles. In this video, meet Samantha Olrogg, a former intern and now Clinical Director of our West Seneca Counseling Center.

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