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Fighting Fentanyl and Saving Lives

It looks like SweetTarts or sidewalk chalk

or breakfast cereal…but it isn’t.

It’s Rainbow Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is trending. A large-scale seizure of the drug in New York City could mean that it’s headed to Western New York.

It also presents another opportunity to have frank discussion with loved ones about substance use. Death from opioid overdose is still high in our community; heroin cut with fentanyl is largely to blame. Fentanyl’s newest permutation – colorful pills that could look harmless and candy-like – could make their way into unsuspecting hands. Talking to youth or others about not using non-prescription drugs is always good. But there is that chance that someone in your life is already living with substance abuse disorder and maybe they’re struggling.

Sen. Chuck Schumer recently stated that more support from the federal government for Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers like Spectrum Health can help reduce death from opioid overdose caused by fentanyl.

Spectrum Health’s Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) protocol is one program is helping to educate and treat people in need. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) utilizes FDA approved prescription medication in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies to help individuals address their substance use disorder in a safe and supportive setting. Use of these medications helps normalize brain chemistry which helps a person manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings and allows them to concentrate on their recovery.

 MAT can:

  • Significantly reduce the need for inpatient detoxification services.
  • Lower a person’s risk of contracting HIV or Hepatitis C by reducing relapse risk factors.
  • Help prevent and reduce opioid overdose.

Spectrum Health’s team of counselors, peers, case managers, nurses, and prescribers provide regular counseling, support, linkage with resources, and medical and medication monitoring; call Spectrum Health at 716 539 5500 to schedule an appointment.

The right combination of medication and counseling can help you recover.

Start on that journey today.

 In the meantime;

  • Know your supplier;
  • Test your drugs using Fentanyl Test Strips;
  • Don’t use alone; amd
  • Make sure you have Narcan and someone with you knows how to administer it.

Additional Community Resources:

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