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Election Stress and Anxiety | Spectrum Health

How to cope with election stress and anxiety

During this charged up election season, many of us have found ourselves feeling burnt out, hopeless, frustrated, stressed, and more. Adding this on top of the stress from the pandemic and all that 2020 has brought us, it can seem unbearable. Even so, so many of us desire to participate and exercise our right to vote and select our candidate choice. No matter what side of the political aisle you align yourself with, here are a few tips we all can follow to help us get through the coming days.

Limit time on social media.

Reduce your media consumption. With so much negatively circling around it can take a toll on your mental health. Use social media to find some positive news or content you enjoy (puppies, perhaps?) to combat the distressing things you’re reading.

Have a voting plan.

This is something you can control in the midst of the chaos! Look up your voting site, request time from work or schedule a day to go, and secure transportation for the time you plan to vote. (don’t forget to get your ‘I Voted!” sticker! ????).

Set boundaries for yourself and stick to them.

To help you do this, avoid pointless arguments, stay informed but not constantly connected, and when spending time with loved ones, make it clear that you don’t desire to talk politics.

Take care of yourself and practice self-care!

A lot of the time, people get tired of hearing this suggestion repeatedly, but it’s so important. Make your favorite herbal tea, take a bath, grab a book by your favorite author, play your favorite board game, or dance to your favorite song- whatever your way of decompressing is, make time to care for YOU!

Spectrum Health’s Community of Caring is an online resource you can trust to help you stay connected without disruption. Check out Yoga of Mindfulness sessions.

If you find that you are experiencing stress and anxiety over this election – and that is becoming too overwhelming and negatively affecting your mental health – please talk about these feelings. We’re here to help.

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Shannon Schwarberg

Senior Program Manager, Special Project Development
Spectrum Health and Human Services

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