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Mind the Mess: Mental Spring Cleaning

It’s March, the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, and the sun is beginning to make a daily appearance.

We don’t know about you, but the promise of an early spring has us feeling full of joy and energy.

It’s usually around this time of the year when people begin to feel the urge to dust off the cobwebs and clear out the things that are taking unnecessary space in their closets.

We’ve all had the prompting to spring clean our physical space, but have you ever thought to do the same with your mental space?

We know this might sound a bit different, but we promise- letting go of things like bitterness, unhealthy boundaries, comparison, and negative expectations will have you feeling like new!

Check out our spring cleaning list below!

The need to be busy.

Society says it’s good to be busy. Our bank account says it’s good to be busy. And let’s face it- so do our emotions. But studies show that slowing down and connecting with those around you can do wonders for your mental and physical health. What’s one thing that you can cut out of your schedule this week?

The need to hold a grudge.

We’ve talked about it before. Holding onto things like bitterness is actually a toxin to our bodies! Releasing a person from a wrong that they did to you is not saying that what they did is okay, it’s just saying that you’d prefer to make the choice to focus on more positive things.

The need to compare yourself to others.

Have you ever heard of the term, ‘duck syndrome’? It basically means that a duck may look calm and collected on the surface; but underneath the water, they are paddling furiously to get where they are going. It’s the same thing with people! There’s often more to their story than meets the eye. The truth is that you’re probably doing better than you think you are, too.

Are there any other things on your mental spring clean list? We’re excited to kick this season off full of joy, and without these negative things weighing us down. Check out our Instagram feed for more inspiration!

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