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National Social Work Month AND Women’s History Month – Inspiration Times Two

This past year has been one of trials and triumphs, both for the workers and administrators of Spectrum Health and also for the people we serve. It is not with a light heart that we look at last year and think “wow, we really did this.”

As we look on to this month, it is with one that is close to my own heart that we all celebrate National Social Worker and Women’s History Month. As many of us know, the social worker field is filled with 80% of women. How can we celebrate both, and how can we do it adequately? Think of your friends who inspired you in school, your Supervisor who is also your mentor, even thinking of a family member who is the reason you are in this field today.

Personally, when I think of a someone who embodies Social Worker qualities and has pushed past the “glass ceiling” I think of Brene’ Brown. Many individuals may think of her as a researcher or “the lady on TED Talk.” I find her to be someone very empowering, someone who humbles herself for her work, and pushes past the status quo to deliver the needed information.

Brene’ has exemplified what it means to be vulnerable, as she has shared her experience with sobriety and AA, her family history, and what it means to be a social worker in today’s world.

She is one of many women in my life that show me that you don’t have to be a part of history to be historic.

Cassandra Dunner

Spectrum Health & Human Services

ACT Co-Occurring Specialist


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