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Room 9 Collaboration: The Holistic Health Project

Big news! We have a podcast!

Recently, a few members of our team had the opportunity to sit down with Sean Cuddihy of the Room 9 Podcast and talk about Spectrum and our involvement in an upcoming project. This collaboration is the first of many, and we’re excited to continue to talk about all things Spectrum, and what that means for us as we move forward in the health & human services industry.

This week we were able to dive into our latest project,  and what that looks like in terms of the progression of integrated health in our Western New York community.

What is The Holistic Health Project?

It’s a new, comprehensive approach that we’re taking when it comes to looking at an individual’s recovery.

It will be lead by a team comprised of a family practitioner, a nurse practitioner, an RN, a case manager, and peers that can wrap services around an individual that we are hoping to help.

Why are we starting this project?

When it comes to your health, you are our first priority.

We believe you are more than the obstacles that you are facing.

For that reason, we’d like to change the door that people are entering into when it comes to receiving the help that they need. Rather than trying to navigate a complicated system on their own, we’re encouraging individuals to come and ask us for help, so we can anticipate the potential barriers together and offer all of the possible resources available from the start.

Whether that obstacle is a need for housing or a general check-up, our desire is to walk the individual through it; because we believe it’s all connected.

Everyone is unique, and everyone has a different recovery process. Most people in recovery try to take things day by day, and it’s difficult to focus on getting better if you’re not feeling well. But how do you set up an appointment with your GP through insurance? These are the sort of questions we are hoping to answer.

At the end of the day, our desire is to help an individual in recovery see that we care, and offer them hope.

Want to find out more? Listen to the podcast here!

About Room 9:

Sean is honored and excited to work with those who are passionate about changing and improving their everyday life as both a recovery coach, as well as through his podcasts and blog. Sean leads his audience down a path where they are able to discover their own brilliance and power in order to achieve a life that is centered in their own dreams, values, and goals. Having walked his own journey through substance abuse, Sean is a wealth of experience & hope for his listeners.

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