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Signs of Spring Help Elevate and Motivate!

Ahh Spring, it’s just around the corner. Finally, birds singing while the sun rises, tiny green plants start to poke their heads out,  and the sun shines on us a little longer.

I have always used Spring as an opportunity to do the big clean. It feels good to get everything in order and throw away so much unneeded clutter. With that being said, I have done this approach throughout my whole house and it has definitely helped lower my anxiety. We often collect things and those things collect dust. I am by no means saying stop being a collector of something you enjoy. That’s just it though; often times I haven’t enjoyed the “things” that just filled up space.

How to Start

So each spring I go through every single room in the house. Organize, store, toss anything I can imagine. Each item gets their place and gently used items that don’t serve us any purpose we try to find a new home for it to be loved.

I am not a minimalist by any means but getting rid of items that aren’t useful definitely made me feel lighter. There is less of a mess to clean and sort and there is more space for something I do enjoy which is plants.

Keep it Green!

The plants serve a great purpose. They help with oxygen and toxins in the home and they look pretty and serve as a rewarding task to tend to something and watch it grow from your love. So maybe this Spring start slow and work on just one room or take on a huge task and tackle the whole house. Either way, I promise you will feel lighter, less stressed, and have less worry about the little things that don’t matter as much.

Christin Estrada

Sr. Manager of Community Engagement

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