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The Therapeutic Value of Rain

It’s been a trying day.   I wish it would rain so things could calm down. That’s one of the benefits of rain…even in summer. The American Heart Association did a study that showed how just listening to rain is very calming and soothing.  Listening to a soft rain falling can be very therapeutic for you.

If it were raining my brain would stop racing and my heartbeat will slow down.  If it were raining, I could pay attention to the sounds of the drips or watch the stream fall from the sky.  The streets would be black and gold as far as I could see.  I could hear the whisper from people, a sign of peace and delicate communication.  I could zone out and do my tasks gracefully with ease.  If it rained, I could gain a sense of self, some clarity.  My mind can clean like the windows and the streets.  If it would only rain.

Malene K. White,  LMHC, EMDR, CASAC-T

Program Manager

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