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Waking up with gratitude | Spectrum Health

Waking Up With Gratitude and Hope

Waking up with Gratitude and Hope is one of the best things in the world.

However, it is a practice, and on some days it is easier than others. When you know that coming from a place of Hope is what’s best for the individuals that we serve at Spectrum Health’s Urgent Mental Health Addiction Care Center (UMHACC), it is a great motivator for practicing Gratitude.

So, for me, I use the ride into work to start my mantra. Prior to COVID, I used yoga class.

Turning on each of the lights at UMHACC reminds me that today is the day that we have another opportunity to light the way for someone who may be in the darkness.

Walking the floors that the individual may walk reminds us to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Truly to be in the present moment for each individual that walks in through the doors at Urgent Care located at 1280 Main Street in the Lower Level.

If the person is anxious, we are calm. If the person is scared, then we are re-assuring.

Whatever we can do to help the individual who may call or walk through the door, we will try to do it.

Some days that may end in a trip to the hospital, but most days it ends with a visit with one of our nurses, one of our counselors, and then re-assurance that their next visit will be in alignment with their goals for their recovery.

Driving home, I play the day back. How can we practice Hope in a new way tomorrow? What has today taught us?

Each day brings a new opportunity to practice. Hope is all renewing. And in that is gratitude.

By Christine Marie Ziemba, MS LMHC
Clinical Director, U-MHACC
Holistic Health Services

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