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WFH Burnout: Tips to Achieve Work Life Balance

As most professions know, work doesn’t seem to end even after you head home.

But what happens when your home becomes your work? Quarantine and working remotely have basically destroyed all boundaries that previously existed in our lives in just a few months.

Now more than ever you have to find that work-life balance. Find that mysterious power down button inside you and turn your work self off—you’ll find that it’s essential for overall long term mental health.

Here are some tips to help you get there:

Stay Off The Clock

Show of hands: Who has found themselves working past your designated work hours during quarantine? A 5 pm end time easily becomes 6 pm or 7 pm.

It seems that physically leaving work has been a necessary action in ending your day, something that is likely not occurring now.

Take notice of this for yourself. It might be a good idea to find space to make a home office. At the end of your shift, physically get up, and leave that room.

You may only be moving from the back of the house to the front. But this will help in establishing that mental distance from work.

Get A Life

Meaning…HAVE a life.

A disturbing trend in our culture is the glorification of being “busy.”

If you find yourself on the work-eat-sleep rabbit wheel…it might be time for a reset.

Try mindfully setting up your week’s schedule to include non-work related activities.

If you need some suggestions, try this “86 Things to Do in WNY That Aren’t Cancelled This Summer” article. Looking for more options? Reach out!—thanks to my mother forwarding me these articles on a daily basis I know every spot worth checking out in a 35-mile radius.

What are your tips for achieving a work-life balance? Let us know and we’ll feature them in an upcoming story.

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. We’ll get through this.

By Jessica Okoniewski
Clinical Director, Springville location
Spectrum Health and Human Services

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