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3 Steps to Moving on After Messing up

3 Steps to Moving On After Messing Up

It’s easy to walk through life and define ourselves by our actions.

Often when people are asked what they do, they respond by saying: “I am a (doctor, lawyer, stay-at-home mom)”. The truth is, our actions don’t define us. And neither do our mistakes.

Have you ever slipped up and said the wrong thing? Missed a deadline? That’s okay!

We’ve all been there, because we’re all human.

Just because you missed a deadline, that does not mean your name becomes ‘forgetful’, or ‘late’.
So if there’s a mistake that’s been hanging over your head, try our 3 step process to help you move forward!

Be Responsible.

Mistakes happen. Own it, apologize if necessary, and see the following steps to help you learn and move forward. It’s okay to forgive yourself! Try reframing the situation and put another person in your shoes. If they made the same mistake, would you forgive them?


Ask yourself a few simple questions. What did you learn from this situation? Are there any steps you can take to avoid this happening again? How can you grow as a result of this mistake?


At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that you’re a human being. As people we’re always learning and growing; you’re no exception! Remind yourself of some of your favorite qualities, and let those define you instead.

When we choose to forgive ourselves we release toxic thoughts that directly inhibit our physical and mental well-being.

Just like your loved ones, you’re worth forgiving too!

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