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Children Will Listen…

There’s a TV show that pops up every now and again called “Kids Say the Darnedest Things.”  It’s usually pretty funny, focusing on the spontaneous, honest, and hysterical stuff that kids say just by being a kid. That’s one of the best parts of kid-life: the unvarnished candor, the innocence, sincerity that come naturally to a child. Not all kid talk is funny: sometimes it’s poignant and thoughtful.

My wife Linda is a 4th-grade teacher. Recently she conducted a lesson with her students called the folded heart. The outcome of the lesson brought Linda to tears, and later when she rehearsed with me the positive effect, I was also moved.

She asked the students to take a piece of paper that represented their heart and fold it every time someone said something mean or hurtful to them until the children folded the document entirely. Each student quickly grasped the concept of the lesson and asked Linda, in all sincerity, what can they do to “fix this.”

The children’s innocence and seriousness in wanting to fix the closed or broken heart reminded me of what we do every day working here at Spectrum Health.

Spectrum Health is the business of empowering others to unfold folded hearts.

Our team of clinicians, nurses, social workers help to mend and restore the folded lives of the individuals we serve.  We’re here to help, whenever you need it.

Kevin Beckman

Managing Director of Clinic Operations

Spectrum Health is here to help individuals and families ride out COVID stressors and get on the pathway to hope. Spectrum Health C.A.R.E.S. is ready to step in for any family in crisis, too.

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