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Spectrum Health Community of Caring

Community of Caring: Mindfulness Skills

The Community of Caring is a free resource offered by Spectrum Health to encourage social connections, learning, and having a positive and active life.

Donna Gill, Supervising Recovery Specialist, leads the Mindfulness and Emotional Wellness session on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10am. She believes that practicing Mindfulness is good for the body and the mind: a good Mindfulness practice starts with a focus on breathing.

Read Donna’s reflection on the benefits of Mindfulness: check out the Community of Caring here, too:

“It has taken me some time to realize how much Mindfulness Skills can be helpful especially in these trying times. (And anytime that we are stressed or recovering). So when I was asked to help the Community of Caring, I was happy to assist.

I enjoyed it as much as anyone else! It was nice to take a little time to relax, breathe, and appreciate the little things.

My mind actually took a break.

You don’t need special equipment to practice Mindfulness, but if you, a few simple objects can help your focus. Donna Gill has a small table for her Zen objects that help her focus on her breathing and meditation. A singing bowl from Thailand makes a lovely sound. Candles and flowers are soothing and pretty. A cozy pillow and a journal complete Donna’s meditation station.

Here is a quick example:

Take a nice smooth breath through your nose. Hold it a little and notice how it feels. Now pretend you have a straw in your mouth. Exhale for 7 or more seconds. Try it again. And again. And again. If you do it this way, you will definitely slow your breathing and your heart and your brain. It is wonderful for your health! And it only takes a minute.

If you would like to learn some new mindfulness skills, join us at the Community of Caring. What do you have to lose? Less anxiety is good for the soul.”

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