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Spectrum Health and Human Services Welcomes New Medical Director

Jeffrey Kashin, MD, a long-time consultant for Spectrum Health and Human Services, became our Medical Director on July 31.

“The position of Medical Director appealed to me,” Kashin said, “as the transition to a CCBHC will be an exciting time to be in a leadership position and will provide many new opportunities to help the individuals we serve.”

In making the announcement of his appointment, Associate CEO Cindy Voelker said:

“Dr. Kashin is a highly-regarded psychiatrist and we are extremely fortunate to have him as our Medical Director. He will provide great leadership to our ever expanding medical and nursing staff.”

Well-known and respected through-out the agency, Dr. Kashin has served as a consultant since 1988 working at the South Buffalo Counseling Center, Crossroads PROS, Southtowns Counseling Center when it was in its previous location in Orchard Park and the clinic at 1280 Main as well as at its previous location at 1235 Main.

In his wide-ranging career, Dr. Kashin has made a big impact in Buffalo, serving 25 years as Medical Director of the MICA and Case Management Services at Buffalo General Hospital and as a consultant at many other local agencies.

Dr. Kashin is a graduate of the medical school of the University of Rome and did psychiatric training at the University of Buffalo and Erie County Medical Center. He chose psychiatry because “I had a very old, great-uncle who was a Freudian psychiatrist and whom I held in high esteem.”

Asked what occupies any time leisure time he has, he said:

“As most people who know me even remotely are aware, my wife and I are avid travelers. I also enjoy working out and sitting beside any pool with a good crossword puzzle.”

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