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Valentine’s Day – Beyond the Candy and Flowers – Where True Love Hides

Valentine’s Day, ahhh, that once-a-year “love is in the air” holiday that generates over $23 billion yes, I said billion, dollars in spending each year.

The name Valentine began with St. Valentine: he secretly arranged marriages when they were banned by the Emperor Claudius II. The emperor banned marriages with the thought that men that were married made terrible soldiers in war. Valentine was against this, so he secretly married others. Once caught he was sentenced to death but fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and signed a love letter to her from “your Valentine.”

How many of us practice unconditional love? Do you love without condition, judgement and selflessly? How difficult is it to unconditionally love someone who may be battling addiction or mental health? Both diseases leave loved ones and the one diagnosed struggling, burnt out of emotions.

Let’s take time to really learn about altruism. Let’s learn about how we can develop positive emotions when we love someone who is experiencing a difficult bout in life. How can we learn boundaries that fall into unconditional love?

Your love may be the breakthrough that one person needs…and that is priceless.

Christin Estrada

Sr. Outreach and Engagement Specialist

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