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spark joy this season

5 Ways to Spark Joy This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and we’re ready to shake off whatever is left of those winter blues!

We know transition can be difficult for many, so we have a few tips to help you take on the challenge of change and dive into this new season.

1. Get green & grow something new

Greenery is known to elevate levels of happiness, and watching something grow can give you motivation throughout this whole season!

2. Get organized

Science has proven that a cluttered living space contributes to a “foggy brain”. If one big spring clean seems like too much for you, start small. Even just one room a week! You might find that one day you wake up and you’re motivated to do the whole thing! (check out Marie Kondo if you don’t believe us.)

3. Get educated

Sign up for a class at your local college or community center. Learning something new can be the perfect way to motivate you through this season!

4. Get creative

Pick up a pencil, pen or paintbrush. There are no limits- just have fun!

5. Get active

What better way to enjoy the new season than walking around outside? You could even pack something to take to your local park. Water Bikes, Canalside, Slow Roll.

Summers in WNY are a gift, and we hope that this can give you a few ideas to get out there and soak up every minute! Need a few more ideas? Check out this guide from Visit Buffalo Niagara. We promise that when you embrace the change of season it becomes something to look forward to!

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