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How Integrated Care Can Improve Your Life

It’s hard to deny that the Health Industry has changed drastically over the last five years, or even months. However, things with health take time; as do the outcomes. It’s easy to understand when we look at a child with the flu; if he were to walk into the pediatrician and receive a prognosis, nobody would expect him to walk out of the same office fully recovered. Therefore when it comes to mental health, we can understand that immediate results are hard to come by, even with the constant inflow of resources and research.

You may be wondering…

What is Integrated Care?
How can Integrated Care help me or my loved one?
What are the results of people who receive integrated care?

Recently, the links between physical health and behavioral health have become increasingly apparent, and so have the responses from the health community. Rather than taking behavioral and physical health and treating them as though they are two separate people, Integrated Care looks at the whole person, and provides treatment accordingly. Also referred to as “inter-professional health care”, this system is set apart by its communication between health professionals in regard to one patient.

This assures that you get highly specialized treatment for both your heart and your mind, but the treatment is formulated in a way that causes them to work as one.

Integrated Care has been incorporated throughout several states, however, it is most prevalent when it comes to treating those in the Medicaid community with tremendous results. Often times, behavioral illness is coupled with some form of chronic illness. Although the two may not be directly related, patients have found that having separate treatments is far too challenging to maintain, causing problems down the line that might have been prevented. By using integrated care, not only are professionals finding correlations between illnesses, contributing to the health of the whole person; but they are able to see potential issues down the line, preventing them before they occur. All in all, it is benefiting those in need of highly specialized treatment, as well as those that only feel the need to consult a health care professional from time to time.

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