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COVID 19 Random Acts Of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness: COVID-19

Whatever the circumstances, humans always find a way to connect. As a society, we operate best when we’re together- and able to give and receive acts of love and kindness.

However, during this season loving our neighbor looks like keeping a distance.

Does anyone else feel a need for human interaction? Sometimes when we can feel our mental health slipping, the solution is as simple as we just need to get our minds off of ourselves for a little while.

How can you love your neighbor from the comfort of your own home?

Pick up the phone.

We know it sounds old school, but now more than ever people are by their phones and ready to have a conversation. So go ahead and call your family, or even an old co-worker. Chances are that they need a little contact, too! Have questions for them, and be ready to actively listen. Who knows, you might even rekindle an old friendship!

Cook together.

The best thing about having tools like Facetime and Zoom, is that with one call it feels like your best friend is in the room with you! Turn mundane tasks into uplifting friend time by calling them the next time you’re in the kitchen. You can make one big pot of the same recipe and eat together via Facetime after! We promise, you’ll both be feeling better in no time.


If you’re fortunate enough to still have a job during this difficult time, consider giving financially! There are plenty of restaurants that have decided to give away family meals for kids having to be homeschooled. Do you know of a family in need? With one call you can have a meal delivered to their door! Rest peacefully knowing that you were able to help someone in need!

Start a virtual book club.

Let’s face it, most of us now have plenty of time to read, and a lot of people are searching for new ways to connect. Knowing that you have friends reading the same book as you makes it that much more fun! It’s also a great conversation starter for when you all get on video chat. It can be a fun fiction book, or something in an area that you’d all love to improve! Starting something like a book club invites people who may be feeling the same way as you, into a more comfortable space. We promise, everyone will be happier for it!

Recent studies have even shown that during times of high stress, reaching out and helping others in your community is the greatest predictor of happiness because it helps us to see that we’re never truly alone. Sometimes courage just means that you are willing to take the first step!

Connecting with community, and being kind to one another may take some creativity during this time- but we know that it is worth it.

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