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Spectrum health 4 ways to kickstart you self care routine

4 Ways to Kickstart Your Self-Care Routine

Have you ever felt like you’re on a train going 100mph without the ability to stop?

In our fast-paced, highly connected, work-to-live culture it’s not uncommon. The only downside with being on such a quick-moving train is that the chances of you crashing are much higher.

The question you might find yourself asking is:

how can I prevent the crash?

And the answer?

By simply slowing down.

We know that slowing down is easier said than done, so we have a few ideas to help you get there.

Have you heard the saying “self-care”? It’s a buzz word that has been thrown around recently, and we’ve found that it’s one of our top tools in addressing mental health.

When asked if you take care of yourself well, most people would honestly answer yes. But the truth is the same people would have a difficult time telling you the last thing they did for their own mental-health benefit, and only see their physical and tangible needs.

But the truth is when you put an emphasis on your own mental health and wellness, you are able to meet your own tangible needs and the needs of others with a sense of ease.

This is where self-care comes in.

Simply put: self-care is intentionally addressing your own needs first with the intent of living a balanced life.

If this is new to you, we want to challenge you to add just 15 minutes of self-care into your day for one week. We promise after this week is over you’ll see the difference in your attitude toward your workday, and your relationships with others.

Where do you start?

Laugh out loud.

Did you know that when you laugh your body releases tension, relaxing your muscles for 45 minutes after the fact? It even decreases stress hormones, increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies which improves your resistance to disease!

Take a nap.

We know it sounds simple, but it really does make a difference! Even a 15-minute reset can leave you feeling like your ready to take on new challenges. It’s hard to give something your all when you’re tired!

Go on a date.

It can be with a friend, your significant other, or even yourself! But take the time to go on a nice walk or go out to eat with fun being the only item on the agenda. It will have you feeling great in no time!

Do a random act of kindness.

It really is better to give than receive! Sometimes we get so focused on our own to-do’s and our own stress, that it’s hard to see the outside world. When you do something nice for someone else it takes your mind off of all you have to do for a moment. Even better? You get to see that person’s face light up. It’s a win-win!

We know it can be hard to find extra time for yourself, but remember that it’s okay to say you need a break! When you make your own mental-health your priority it will benefit both you and those around you in the long term.

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