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Spectrum Health Room 9

Room 9 Collaboration: Health Home Care Coordination

Here at Spectrum, we believe that home is where the hope is.

This means that for you home could be a person, a public place, or your house. But whatever that place is, we hope it’s one where you feel comfortable and surrounded by all the help that you need in order to face your recovery and heal.

In our latest podcast with Sean Cuddihy of Room 9, he takes the time to sit down with 3 of our “Health Home Care” coordinators and talks all things related to this program.

We’d love for you to join the conversation!

Our number one goal is always to help you see your full spectrum of life- and realize that to us, you’re worth it!

With this program we’re able to meet you wherever you’re most comfortable, and set self-identified goals so that you can live a happier, healthier life.

Our Health Home Care Coordination might be just the thing that you or your loved one needs in their process of recovery! Listen to the podcast today to find out more.

About Room 9:

Sean is honored and excited to work with those who are passionate about changing and improving their everyday life as both a recovery coach, as well as through his podcasts and blog. Sean leads his audience down a path where they are able to discover their own brilliance and power in order to achieve a life that is centered on their own dreams, values, and goals. Having walked his own journey through substance abuse, Sean is a wealth of experience & hope for his listeners.

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