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Fighting Seasonal Depression: The Gratitude Hunt

The holiday season is upon us, and around here it’s one that is known for its feelings of joy and cheer.

It’s a time full of sparkling lights, giving, family, and friends.

But for many people, the short winter days leave them feeling empty amidst hustle and bustle around them, and soon find themselves unable to experience the same cheer that many carols boast on the radio.

What if we told you it didn’t have to be that way?

We understand that feelings of depression and anxiety can be very challenging; especially this time of year.

But we believe that you are an overcomer, and with the right tools and help you can experience joy in your day-to-day life, too!

We recently read a study on the effects of gratitude and saw that those who simply wrote down three things that they were thankful for each week began to find themselves naturally focusing on the positive side of life, and searching for more things to be thankful for almost immediately. Those who practiced gratitude on a daily basis found that they were more resilient, empathetic, confident, and enjoyed a better night’s sleep!

We know it can be a big jump to go from living in your normal routine to intentionally choosing gratitude, so we thought we’d make a game out of it.

A gratitude scavenger hunt is the perfect way to start seeing the little things you can be thankful for in your daily life, and something for your whole family to do over the holidays together! Have each person start by looking for one thing, and come back to the table with what they found.

Something that makes you happy.

It could be anything from a lucky penny on the sidewalk to a promotion at work! But if something brings even a hint of a smile to your face- take note of it.

Something to give to someone else to make them smile.

Have you ever intentionally tried to make someone else smile? We promise, it’s the best gift there is.

Something that you love to smell.

We won’t get into all of the benefits of aromatherapy here- but trust us that they exist. Do take note of how the scent made you feel though- did it bring you back to a favorite memory? Or make you feel safe? These are all things to be thankful for!

Something that you enjoy looking at.

Whenever you need a boost, just take another peek!

Something that’s your favorite color.

We know it sounds simple, but trust us, it works!

After this scavenger hunt, not only will your family have a great, uplifting conversation piece; you’ll be right in the pathway of joy and gratitude!

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